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Elementary Videos

Huffless Puffless Dragon Video and Discussion

2nd Grade Presentation


Now we are going to show you a video called Huffless Puffless Dragon.  This video will show you what could happened when someone smokes.

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Review Questions:

– Name some things the non-smoking dragon could do easier than the smoking dragon?

Arm Wrestling, Running and more

– What is it called when someone is asking you to do what everyone else is doing?

Peer Pressure

– Name some of the things that happened to the smoking dragon:

            Hacking, Gasping for Air, Fainting and Choking

– According to the non-smoking dragon, what should you say when someone asks you to smoke?

I Don’t Smoke!



No-Puff Pals Video & Discussion

3rd Grade Presentation


Now we are going to show you a video called the No-Puff Pals showing you what can happen when you smoke & how the tobacco industry tries to trick you and addict you to tobacco.

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Review Questions:

– Why do the No-Puff Pals want to put an end to tobacco?

Because tobacco makes people sick and makes people spend money on something that hurts them.  It also makes people smell bad.

– How did the No-Puff Pals get their super powers?

By not Smoking…

– Big Tobacco Inc., wants kids to think that people who smoke are pretty, but the No-Puff Pals show kids the truth.  What happens when people smoke?

           Skin becomes wrinkled and gray, and their teen and fingers turn yellow

– What are some sicknesses caused by tobacco?

Lung Illness, asthma, and emphysema

– How can you be a No-Puff Pal?

Don’t use tobacco!   All you have to do is say no…..

Here are some ways that the tobacco industry tries to trick you:

            Now show them candy cigarettes and Big Chew gum