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Advocacy Talk

Advocacy Talk

 Ok we have shared a lot of stuff with you today.  But what we really want you to take with you, is that YOU can make a difference.  If some of the stuff we told you today makes you mad at the tobacco or alcohol industry, good because you should be mad.  They are using teens like you as a pawn to addict you and make money.  That is all you are to them a dollar bill.

We are going to show and tell you ways you can fight back and make a difference to yourself, your family and friends and your community.

You are going to see some ads that some kids in Minnesotacreated at a Kick Ash Bash, and yes I said Kick Ash or show the FACT ad.

Tell the youth that they could become part of FACT , Y2Y or the middle school NIKE Advocacy Group and let people know what they tobacco industry is up to.


After the video:

Some of Y2Y members share how they have gotten involved in advocacy and encourage teens in the classroom to join FACT and/or Y2Y.  Show them the FACT and Y2Y information sheet and tell them to go to the websites for more information