Creating a drug-free community for generations to come.

Middle School Presentation Agenda


Middle School Presentation Agenda

6th Grade first time seeing presentation


Y2Y Opening     (That’s Why We Are Above The Influence)

BB Activity

Lung/Tar Jar Demonstration  with marijuana information)

Tobacco Education Video – do video recap

Money Activity (Update Dollar Amounts)

Story Telling Quitting Discussion

Alcohol Stories

Slides of Brain

Above the Influence Video

Refusal Skills Questions

(ask what is something you seen today that would make you say no)

Advocacy Talk

Things to Remember:

Hand Out Bags, do pre and post surveys at selected school, give teachers evaluation and packets, do classroom evaluation




7th/8th Grade Presentation

Teen Maze Agenda


Set Up   (One Hour)

1st Room – Party Room:  (one person stays in party room all of the time)

this is where the tour guide will begin by inviting them to take the journey of the Maze.

The guide will explain that they will journey through the maze to see consequences

that could happen from decisions they may make at a party


Students will take the pre-survey the day before the maze

Students will play interactive games while they are waiting to go through the maze


4-5 students will enter the maze as a group.  We will begin a new group when the first

group reaches the alcohol room, this is approximately every 3 minutes


2nd Room         Marijuana Room (Need 2 Y2Y Members)

Lung Demonstration includes information about marijuana

Myths and Facts about marijuana

Table of ingredients in marijuana


3rd Room        Alcohol Room (1 Volunteer and SARP volunteer)

Alcohol Ads

Googles to walk a straight line

Simple Plan Video


4th Room         SARP Room


5th Room         Memorial Room

Frames of victims with candles

Burning and music

Frame with Mirror and Message


6th Room         Post Survey Room (1 Volunteer)

Complete the post survey and then go back to party room



Above the Influence Presentation

7th/8th Grade

Y2Y Opening


Pre Survey   (5 minutes)


Show ATI Ads (3 minutes)


Show ATI Tagging Explanation (2 minutes)


Youth share Slogans (3 minutes)


Talk About Branding – Developing Own Personal Brand

(Megge or Debbie)


Brand Activity (20 minutes)


Small Group Sharing (5 minutes)


Post Survey (5 minutes)


Share Resources at End


Pass Out Bags