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Alcohol Stories

Alcohol Stories 

Have you ever seen alcohol ads during football games and in the evening?  Alcohol ads portray to young people that you can’t have fun without it.  You will have all kinds of friends and your life will be wonderful if you just hang out with friends and drink.  We are going to show you the TRUTH….

Always Worth It:  This is a Bud Light Ad that shows a young man who looks like a biker. He looks athletic and there is a quote here that says “Bud Light Daredevil”, so it shows he is taking a risk.

Is It Always Worth It? Tyler was playing in the yard when a drunk driver pulled into the driveway and for some reason drove through the yard and ran him over and killed him instantly. Tyler was just 3 years old.


Friends for Better or Worse: This is a Jack Daniels advertisement that looks like they may be at a wedding or prom.  Looks like these guys will be best friends forever right?

Do You Really Think Your Friends Will Stick It Out During The Worse?  We have personally seen this happen; someone is drinking and gets in a terrible accident.  As a result of the accident they will never walk, talk or drink with the buddies again.  Most of those drinking buddies are gone.


Your Night Just Got More Interesting:  This is a Barcadi ad that if you would see the pictures closer you would see that a guy is looking at a girl and the girl is checking out the guy.  The girl gets up to meet the guy, sound pretty good right?

Yea – Your Life Could Get Pretty Interesting?  And probably not in the way you want it to.  This kind of “interesting” night could change your life forever.


Good Call:  this is a Miller beer ad.  The ad is telling you that your choice with this beer is a good call.

The accident happened with two girls at a party.  They called their friend for a ride home; little did they know that friend was legally drunk.  They were driving too fast, took the curve too fast and came head on with a semi-truck.

The driver was killed instantly; the girl sitting behind the driver died 4 days later.  The other two passengers walked away but will continue to live this nightmare over and over forever.


Was It A Good Call?