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BB Activity

BB Activity

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The first thing I’d like to do is ask you to close your eyes and listen.  This exercise demonstrates how deadly tobacco use is.

We all know tobacco use is harmful to our health, but few of us really understand just how harmful it is.  To give you a new perspective on how big the problem of tobacco use, I am going to ask you to think about death.


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I have a metal BB here.  Listen to the sound it makes when I toss it into a metal pot.  Stop and Drop BB’s in bowl. Let the sound of one BB represent one death.  Think about someone you know who has died.

Now, think for a moment about hard drugs like cocaine, heroine, LSD, do you think they are bad?  We know they are.  They will kill you.  This is how many people die from a drug overdose everyday in this country.  This represents (16 people) who die every day in this country from these drugs. Stop and Drop BB’s in bowl.   That is about (6,000 people) each year


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Now, what about alcohol?  Do you think alcohol can be bad for you?  We know it can be, and it can kill you. This is how many people die from alcohol-related deaths everyday. Stop and Drop BB’s in the bowl.   That is (342 people) everyday, (125,000 people) every year.

Now, think about tobacco.  Listen to how many people tobacco will kill each and every day.  Stop and Drop BB’s in the bowl.   That is (1,180 people) who every day and are dying right now! (434,000 people) every year!


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Three out of four people who are dying from tobacco today, and everyday started to use tobacco before the age of 18.  Tobacco kills.  It won’t kill today or tomorrow like hard drugs or drunk driving can.  But remember, tobacco is the only legal consumer product in the US today that, if used as intended by the tobacco industry, it can kill you!

Don’t be a BB.  Now you can open your eyes.