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What’s In Tobacco Smoke

Tobacco smoke, which includes the smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, contains at least 4,000 chemicals.

We also know that there are at least 200 poisons in this smoke.

Research varies on how much cancer causing chemicals are in tobacco smoke, but everyone agrees that there are at least 43 carcinogens in tobacco smoke.

We know this information because scientists have been studied for many years and people that have worked for the tobacco industry have blown the whistle on them.

Most of you have seen us pull things out of a black bag in elementary school, we now are going to tell you what a few of those chemicals actually do to your body.


 Arsenic (ärs-nik)is found in rat poison.  It will make smokers lips burn and give them bad breath.  It also causes “pins and needles” feeling in the hands and feet of a smoker.

Cadmium (kad-mE-um) is found in batteries.  You know that white stuff you see when your batteries are bad.  This will cause a smoker to lose their ability to smell and turns their nails yellow.

Acetone (a-s-i-tOn) is found in nail polish remover.  It causes headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion, vomiting of blood and unconsciousness.  Acetone has been taken out of most nail polish removers because of the damage it can do, but it is still in cigarettes.

Ammonia (a-mO-nia) is found in many household cleaners like toilet bowl cleaners.  Ammonia allows a smoker to absorb more nicotine which addicts them.  When they are addicted they spend lots of money for the tobacco industry.

Polonium 210 (p-lO-nE-um) is a radioactive chemical found in tobacco smoke that causes cells in the body to die and others to turn into cancer.

Hydrogen Cyanide (hI-dro-jen sI-a-nId) is so deadly that it was used in gas chambers during WWII and for the death sentence.

Carbon Monoxide (kär-bun mu-nok-sId) is the number one chemical found in tobacco smoke.  It is so dangerous and deadly that most homes have carbon monoxide detectors in them.

Methanol (me-thi-nol) is found in rocket fuel.  One big whiff of this chemical will cause blindness.