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Hairy Tongue Presentation

Hairy Tongue

Middle School

What to say when making a presentation:

Everyone has stuff on their tongue that is just as small as the very small hair on the inside of forearms.

It’s called papillae (pa-pill-a) and it is actually living “hair”.

When someone smokes cigarettes, marijuans or uses spit tobacco, the tar builds up in the back area of the tongue.

The “hair” does not like this and begins to grow to push it off of the tongue.

The color of the tongue can vary from: white, yellow, green, brown or black.

Everyone’s bodies are different and not everyone gets a hairy tongue, but a hairy tongue can begin to grow as soon as a person smokes their first cigarette.

The good news is that if someone quits smoking – this goes away, unless they developed cancer of the tongue.  In which case the tongue could need to be removed.

Remember smoking cigarettes or marijuana can cause this hairy tongue.

Can you imagine kissing someone with a hairy tongue?