Creating a drug-free community for generations to come.

Elementary Skits

Refusal Skills

 This is a skit that involves all of the presentation team.  One presenter plays the role of a student that tries to get the other presenters to come and smoke with them.  The presenters need to spread out throughout the presentation area with their backs to the audience and the one asking them to smoke approaches them each, one by one.  They turn around and face the audience as their turn to be asked comes.

 Asking student: “Hey, I got some of my parents’ cigarettes.  Want to come and smoke with me after school?”

Each of the other presenters replies with a different answer.  Some examples are:

“No, thanks.”

“It’s just not my thing.”

“I choose not to smoke.”

“No.  And please don’t smoke around me.”

“No.  And you shouldn’t either.”

“I’m on the swim team.  I need all the air I can get.”

“My parents would kill me.”

“Let’s go play basketball again.”

One person can explain that there are a lot of ways to say “no”, but the most important part is that they mean what they say and they stick with that answer because you never have to quit what you never start.



Shopping Choices

 We have many choices to make in life and sometimes the choices we make can cost us a lot of money.  We are going to do an activity where we will show you some of the things you may be giving up if you take up smoking.

 2nd – 5th  grade

A Pack of Cigarettes cost about


Would you rather have a pack of cigarettes or

$7.00 of your favorite candy


If you smoked for a month you would have spent


Would you rather have 30 packs of cigarette or

A Video game system

If you smoked for a year you would have spent


Would you rather have 365 packs of cigarettes or

A family trip to Disneyland!



Social Norm Activity

4th and 5th Grade


Me Too!


Roles:  1 boy and 1 girl

Scene:  Girl and boy enter from opposite sides of the stage, meet in the middle and walk forward together and speak to the audience.


 Boy:                Hi, my name is                                   

Girl:                 Hi my name is                          and                  is my best friend


Boy:                Yeah (smiles) on Monday’s I like to go to the movies

Girl:                 Me Too!  (Smiles and nods)


Boy:                On Tuesday’s, I like to go skating

Girl:                 Me Too!


Boy:                On Wednesday’s, I like to hang at the mall

Girl:                 Me Too!


Boy:                On Thursday’s I like to go dancing (dances a little)

Girl:                 Me Too!  (dances a little)


Boy:                On Friday’s I like to party and get wasted

Girl:                 (Looks at boy, then to audience) Not Me!  Just because he wants to do that doesn’t mean I do.  In fact most kids my age DO NOT smoke, DO NOT drink, and DO NOT get wasted at parties.  My choice is DRUG FREE!