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Spit Tobacco Presentation 2nd – 5th Grade

Mr. Gross Mouth

What to Say When Making a Presentation…

2 & 3rd Graders


  • Mr. Gross Mouth used Spit tobacco.  It is also called rub, snuff, chew, chewing tobacco or dip.
  • Spit tobacco is something that someone can put into their mouth between their gums and their teeth.  The person usually then spits a brownish, black liquid out of their mouth when they are using.
  • Has anyone ever seen someone do this?  It’s pretty nasty looking.
  • There are some really bad things in spit tobacco that can cause a lot of problems with your health.  Some of the ingredients are rat poison, ammonia (toilet bowl cleaner) and nicotine.
  • Point out on Gross Mouth:
  1. Brown teeth – from the tar in Spit tobacco, just like in cigarettes
  1. Cavities – from all the sugar and flavoring that is added to Spit tobacco to get people to like the taste because tobacco tastes really bad without it.
  1. Gingivitis – this is an infection in the gums that makes them pull back from the teeth
  1. Tooth loss.

1 out of 3 people who use spit tobacco will get sick from it.

 Who would like to have this kind of mouth?





Spit Tobacco – 4th and 5th Grade

What to say when making a presentation…

 Introduce the video: “We got this video from the Milwaukee Brewers.  It will show you what is in spit tobacco and what spit tobacco does to a user’s body.”

 Play video.

After the video ask the following questions of the youth:

  • What were some of the ingredients in spit tobacco?
    • Tobacco leaves, Sand, Nail Polish Remover, Rat Poison, Mothballs, Polonium 210, Nicotine, Insecticide, Formaldehyde
  • What are some other names used for spit tobacco?
  • Rub, Snuff, Chew, Chewing Tobacco, Dip
  • How many cigarettes would you have to smoke to get the same amount of nicotine in your body as using one dip of spit tobacco?
  • 3-4 Cigarettes
  • What does spit tobacco do to your body?
  • Causes Oral Cancer, Gum Disease, Tooth Loss, Stained Teeth, High Blood Pressure, High Heart Rate



Spit Tobacco Poster


This guy started using spit tobacco at the age of 12.  He found a spot in his mouth at 16 that was cancer.  At the age of 18 he had full blown mouth cancer.  It was too late to do anything and he died at 19.

Now many of you care about how you look, is it worth it to chew tobacco and look like this?  Just something to think about.