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Second Hand Smoke Presentation

2nd Hand Smoke

What to say when making a presentation…

We are going to talk about second hand smoke and how it affects all of us.

Show the poster and explain that Secondhand smoke affects everyone.  Read the caption & the back.

You might have heard that our state is considering a statewide smoke-free policy.  Over half of the United Statesand entire countries including Ireland, France, Cubaand many others have already done this.    Did you know that all of the states surrounding Wisconsinhave passed or are in the process of passing comprehensive smoke free laws, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinoishave passed legislation and Michiganwill be soon.  This truly does make Wisconsinthe ashtray of theMidwest.


Ask the following questions and have kids stand/raise their hands.

  • How many of you live in a home where people smoke inside? (Please pause so we can count the kids)
  • How many of you live in a home where people smoke only outside? (Please pause so we can count the kids)


There is no air cleaner or purifier exists that can remove all of the toxins from tobacco smoke.  It may remove the look and smell, but the toxins from smoking just one cigarette is still there for at least 2 days.


Ways To Encourage Someone To Smoke Outside:

1)      One way to start the conversation is to say “I want to figure out a way to help everyone in our house stay healthier, will you help me?

2)      Or, “I care about you, but I’m worried that the cigarette smoke is hurting those of us who don’t smoke”


An important fact for you to know is:  For every four cigarettes a smoker smokes, a non smoker smokes one!  Not really a fair deal to the non-smoker huh?