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Quitting Discussion Presentation

Quitting Discussion

What to say when making a presentation

Has anyone in here every thrown someone’s cigarettes away to get them to quit smoking?

Did it work – what happened?

We are going to be sending information home with you today on how to help someone quit that you care about.  (show them the yellow sheet from the bags)


Here are some ideas on ways to help someone you care about quit

–        ASK the smoker to quit.  Tell them you know that smoking is very addictive.  In fact just even one to two cigarettes can addict you.

–    Put a picture of yourself or someone they care about, it could even be their pet in the inside of their cigarette pack.  You can also put the quit line card on the other side.    (put a picture and/or the quitline card in a pack of cigarettes to illustrate)

_        Write a letter to them and stick it under their pillow or

wherever you think they may find it

_        Share the stuff we are teaching you today and share it

with family members that smoke.  Also we will be giving you lots of more information in a bag at the end of our


–    Most of all don’t give up!  It takes a person about 9-11  times to be successful, and 90% of parents/grandparents quit because of you!  YOU HAVE THE POWER!


            To Bring This Back To You

You Never Have To Quit – If You Never Start!