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Middle School Presentation Review Questions

Review Questions at End of Middle School Presentation

(Make sure you ask these questions during the presentation)

1)      When a smoker exhales, a non-smoker inhales how much of the cigarette?  85%

2)      When did our state go smoke-free?  7/5/10 – we became the 27th smokefree state

3)      How much would you have to smoke to have as much tar that is in the tar jar?  A half of a pack a day for a year

4)      Which state has the most teen drinkers?    Wisconsin

5)      Can smoking marijuana hurt your health?    Yes smoking marijuana can cause lung and mouth cancer, damage your heart, cause sinus and throat cancer

6)         Name two ways you would encourage someone to qui

7          What is third hand smoke?

8)         Name a way you can make a difference after this presentation