Creating a drug-free community for generations to come.

Adult Maze Agenda

LAD Adult Education Maze 

Alcohol Room

Do Skit

Child at a party and alcohol placed by soda and punch.  Child taking alcohol and going outside with cousins and friends and getting intoxicated and passes out.  Ambulance called and hospital scene.  End skit with steps parents can take at family parties.

Show Shot Glasses

Do Googles

Alcohol Stories


Smoking Room

Show Lungs/Tar Jar/Hairy Tongue

Have them smell clothes

Have display with the high chair and talk to them about not smoking in their homes and vehicles


Prescription Drug Room

Do Skit

Child hanging with friends and talks about upcoming party.  Dares teen to go into medicine cabinet and get pills.

Next scene – at party and drops handful of pills into the middle of the table.  Grabs a handful and has a drink with it.   Next thing you know parents are coming into the bedroom where they think their child is sleeping.  Can’t wake the child up and you are calling 911.

Do prescription drug facts and myths

Pass out literature on prescription drugs and what parents can do.


Memorial Room

Have adults walk through the room