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Lung Presentation 2nd & 3rd Grade

Lung Presentations

(2nd and 3rd Grade)

What to say when making a presentation

Pink – Healthy Lungs:

  • These are real lungs, they are the lungs of a pig
  • The reason we use a pig lungs is because they are almost the same as a human’s lung
  • These lungs are the same size as a 150 pound person’s lungs – like your parents
  • When we pump them they get nice and big and are full or air and they are able to hold air for a long time
  • The pink lungs will stay pink forever as long as the person does not smoke and also stays away from second hand smoke


Black – Unhealthy (Smoker’s Lungs):

  • These are also real pig lungs; we did not make the pig smoke because you know pigs can’t smoke, right?  They were sent to a science laboratory and the ingredients of a cigarette were injected into them.
  • Everyone’s body is different and will react differently to the poisons in tobacco smoke.  Some people get sick from smoking in just 2-3 years and others after smoking for 30 years.  These lungs are about 10-15 years of smoking a pack a day.
  • There are different things that can happen to your lungs from smoking including very dangerous illnesses and also they can turn black from the tart that is in a cigarette.
  • Notice that the black lung does not pump up very well and the air goes away a lot quicker than in the healthy pink lung.  If you smoke the chemicals and poisons in cigarettes can make tiny holes in the lungs and that makes it really hard for the lungs to work.  And this is one of the reasons that people that smoke have a hard time walking, running or exercising.


Which lungs would you rather have?