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Emphysema Breathing Activity

Emphysema Breathing Activity


Instruct the class that we are going to do an activity which will give them an idea of how it would feel if they smoked and got the disease emphysema.

  • Over 80% of people that smoke have some form of emphysema
  • Emphysema is a disease that cannot be cured.  If a person quits smoking, the emphysema can be stopped so it won’t get worse, but it cannot be cured.  If a person continues to smoke, emphysema will progress and make the person sicker.


This activity will give you an idea of how your breathing could be with emphysema.


1st take a breath in and hold it

Now take another breath in and hold it

Take a final breath in and hold it

OK breath


At that final breath it was very hard to breathe wasn’t it?

Can you imagine breathing like that for the rest of your life?

That is how difficult it is for people with advanced emphysema.


Do you think you can play basketball anymore, run, bowl, and ride a bike?  You probably would have trouble walking across this room.

Remember this never has to happen to you, if you just don’t start and you stay away from other people’s smoke.