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Marijuana Presentation

Marijuana Presentation


We are now going to talk to you about a drug that is illegal but sometimes people smoke it.

How many of you have heard or believe that smoking marijuana is safer than smoking cigarettes?

Well the truth behind that is:

  • One joint has as much tar as a whole pack of cigarettes
  • One joint has as many cancer causing chemicals as 3-4 cigarettes
  • Lung cancer is very common in marijuana smokers because the person exhales deeper and the chemicals stay in the lungs longer
  • You really don’t know what you may be smoking – share the story about a Y2Y member who had a friend who sold marijuana.  Because it is sold by weight he would add dog poop to the marijuana so it would weigh more and he could sell it for more.  Marijuana sold on the streets is not just marijuana.


We are now going to show you a video and keep in mind this video is about marijuana smoking.  We think by the end of the video you definitely will not think smoking marijuana is safer than smoking cigarettes.  They are both hazardous to your health and deadly!