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2nd Hand Smoke Education

2nd Hand Smoke

What to say when making an Elementary School Presentation…

Ask the kids if they know what secondhand smoke is.

  • It’s the smoke of a smoker.
  • It’s what comes off of the end of a cigarette/cigar/pipe
  • It’s the smoke that a smoker breathes out after they take a puff of their cigarette


Ask the following questions and have kids stand/raise their hands.

  • How many of you live with in a home where people smoke inside?

 (Please pause so we can count the kids)

  • How many of you live in a home where people smoke only outside? (Please pause so we can count the kids)

There is nothing that cleans the air from the poisons from 2nd hand smoke.  An example of this is when someone smokes in a room and turns on a fan to clear the air – what does that really do to the smoke?

Secondhand smoke affects all of us.  Make it clear that protecting yourself from secondhand smoke is very important.  Kids around secondhand smoke can get more colds, ear infections, allergies, asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis. 

For every 4 cigarettes a smoker smokes, a non smoker smokes one.

Ask: “Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on how to stay away from or protect yourself from secondhand smoke?”

Make bedroom smoke free.  Don’t allow others to smoke in your room.  Go in there when someone is smoking, shut the door, put a towel/clothing item under the door, and open a window.  You can even put “No Smoking” signs on your bedroom door.