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Youth2Youth/FACT teen letter to the editor

Thanks, Cheyenne for writing this great letter to the editor!

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Letter to the editor
August 31, 2015
It’s sad to see summer end, but I’m excited for the new school year—especially for my work with FACT, Wisconsin’s youth tobacco prevention movement. As a FACT member, I’m working with other Rock County students in grades 7-12 to spread the truth about tobacco and help teens like us avoid costly and deadly addictions.

I joined FACT in 2010 because my mom was a smoker for many years and my siblings still smoke. I wanted to join FACT to help teach the younger generation about the harms of tobacco.

While our FACT group is pretty quiet in the summer, we really ramp up our efforts during the school year. Some of our activities last year included putting cups in a fence to spell out a message and putting up tobacco facts in the bathrooms. This year, I’m looking forward to our group doing a poster plaster in the school hallways.

We’ve got a great FACT at Parker High School, but we can always use new members. If you’re ready to make an impact and are in grades 7-12, you can join FACT by visiting Working together, we can help make our generation tobacco-free.



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