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Tips for hosting a safe holiday party

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, excitement, and relaxation. Unfortunately, the holidays can be incredibly stressful for people who struggle with drinking problems. If you’re hosting a holiday party that involves alcohol, here’s some tips on how to create a safe environment:

Never pressure anyone to have a drink.

Some guests may have very important reasons to choose not to drink, but regardless, everyone has the right to make the decision not to drink alcohol. Help them feel supported in this healthy choice by not pressuring anyone and intervening if you notice guests pressuring others to drink.

Offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages as well as plenty of food.

Aside from providing nourishment, many party-goers turn to the refreshments table during downtime at a party. If the only options at the table are alcoholic, it can make guests feel like they have to drink it. Having other options normalizes the choice not to drink by showing that you, the host, doesn’t assume everyone will consume alcohol.

Don’t serve alcohol to an intoxicated guest.

As the person providing alcohol, you have a responsibility, both morally and legally, not to provide alcohol to guests who have already had too much to drink. This is for the safety of yourself and all of your guests.

Don’t let anyone who is drunk drive home.

In 2012, 200 people died in drunk driving accidents in Wisconsin alone. Stay safe.


Remember that alcohol isn’t necessary for a celebration to be fun. If your holidays incorporate alcohol, make sure you take precautions to ensure everyone’s safety, particularly around children. Children are astute observers of adult behavior and are more influenced by your actions than your words. Don’t give the message that alcohol must be a key ingredient for good times. Those festive holiday celebrations will be remembered by your children for years and serve as a lifelong guide, so give them the best of memories.